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Exciting times, folks!

2012 not only brings Kill Hubris’ first anniversary (this summer) but also the launch of its first special edition series – Kill Hubris Art House.

The plan is for Art House releases to be yearly special editions designed by an admired artist, and first up is Dallas' own Heather Abbott (aka The Good Child).

Heather’s positive message and the playful style of her designs really resonated from the first time I came across her brand online. Plus she was super cool when I reached out with a few how-to questions around the time of the KH launch and, when I finally met her at Texas Teezilla, she was even warmer in person and her tees even doper than they look online.

Heather had a ton of great ideas for Art House designs and, once we decided on the one we wanted to run with, the collaborative process was a ridiculous amount of fun. The result shows love to some familiar faces (and some not so familiar... yet) in the Dallas, Texas, indie clothing scene.

Here is the first look at the hand-drawn font Heather came up with for this design:

More info coming later in the week…