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When I first started brainstorming logos for Kill Hubris, I really only knew one thing for certain: I didn’t want to rely on including the full name as descriptive text. I wanted a recognizable image that could grow with the brand and stand on its own. But what to do for a baby brand with no name-recognition yet?


I admit, I was a little overwhelmed. But as I bought several books, discovered mind-mapping, and combed the web for insight into the process of a graphic designer (I’m not one), I was immediately taken by the use of negative space to form the true subject of an image. (This post on David Airey’s blog “Logo Design Love” has some great examples.) I loved that the negative-space approach placed confidence in the viewer, that it engaged them, and, if it was done right and was interesting enough, that they would engage back long enough to make letter-sense of the shapes.


Thankfully the logo has been well-received, and watching the look of recognition come over someone when their eyes fall on the image just right has been one of the most rewarding things I’ve experienced so far with the brand.


One of my earliest concept sketches from March 2010:



Which ultimately became Shirt One: